Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Did You Know ... ?

The Cusk Eel is found 8.4 kms beneath the ocean's surface.

What would conditions be like for them ?
  • The high pressure would be a  problem
  • It's too deep for sunlight to reach.
  • It's very cold - about 1d Celsius 
 Giant Cusk Eel

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Do Fish Mix With Other Fish? - Kim

Dear Kim,
Mostly fish hang with their own species, it's safer that way!
The bigger sarcopterygians could make a meal of the smaller species. 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

How Big Are You? - J

Dear J,

I am about half a metre long, but I may still have a bit of growing to do .

My uncle is about 65cms long!

Hello Fishy, What Do You Eat? - Minu

Dear Minu,

I eat smaller fish in our billabong.

I am a carnivore but my little brothers and sisters and I could also be eaten by the bigger fish like Mandageria fairfaxii.

That fish is really the top predator in our billabong

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Do Fish See Things In Colour? - J

Dear J,

Fish eyes are generally similar in structure to the eyes of other vertebrates. Many species of fish have colour vision and some can even see ultraviolet which I'll bet you can't. You must remember that water absorbs lighht so it gets dimmer and darker the deeper you go. Shorter wavelengths of light (colours like blue & violet) penetrate deeper in the water than the longer wavelengths (red, orange)
(red, orange)

Hello Fish! Is it Cold in the Water - Minus

Dear Minus

When our billabong was full the temperature of the water didn't vary much except in the very top layers. Sadly the water level in the billabong has been getting less and less. This means it warms a bit more in summer than it used to. The biggest problem for we fish is that the warmer water holds less oxygen so a lot of my companions in the pond have slowed down a lot and have breathing problems. (makes it easier for my family to catch dinner)

Fortunately for my family we can breath air for a while, if we stick our nostrils out of the water

Monday, 23 May 2016

What a River is.

 I have lived in The River for my whole life. I have swum against current and with it. I have sheltered beneath tree roots as water from the sky has pelted the surface water of the river churning it into froth. I have floated in the river as the sunshine warmed it.

Many humans often enjoy some kind of relaxation involving water, whether it is sitting beside a body of water, swimming in it or some other kind of activity on it. I have often heard it said by humans that the constant ebb and flow of water is relaxing.

But no human can really understand a river.

Water is one of the least peaceful things on earth. Something that is constantly moving is the complete opposite of peaceful and calm.

Of course there are peaceful moments in The River; I’m not denying that in some circumstances water can make you feel peaceful, only that as a substance, water is not peaceful. I defy anyone to be constantly around water and not be inspired to do something.

Sometimes if you take the time to just listen to the sound The River makes as it filters through your gills it almost sounds as if The River is telling stories of all the things it has seen and will see.

Relaxing? Bah! Never let them tell you that water is restful, listen to what I have to say, I, a fish who has never been out of The River! Anyone who says The River is peaceful must be deaf, or simply not able to understand how restless a river really is.

The River is always moving. The slightest breath of air and it trembles and ripples. Even the water atoms of The River pulsate, their opposite charges attracting, able to rise through a tree, float through the air, busy sustaining life. How can you call that peaceful? A river which never rests.

Perhaps a dry riverbed is peaceful, in a stagnate kind of way, deep murky puddles rest. But it is not very comfortable; give me the intensity and restlessness of a full river any day! A dry riverbed is nothing more than a promise that the river will flow again and until that promise is fulfilled all of us in The River are unhappy. In a dry riverbed you will find an underlying urgent expectation, waiting for the water. And over The River bugs and birds get impatient and the reeds are never still.

The happiest time at a river, is when it is late afternoon. Golden light sings and the river urgently tells its best stories, spinning tales you have never heard. Birds slow down to listen, and we fish that swim down below awaken and dart through the stories that the river tells, making sure not to miss a single word.

This is what a river is.

~ Sincerely Augustus The Fish.